Although our culture is changing and human trafficking is being talked about more than it has ever been talked about in history, most people still believe that commercial sexual exploitation is happening only to females. Sadly though, human trafficking is happening to boys as well, creating a forgotten area of silent pain and hell.

For example, a research study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (2008) indicates that as high as 50% of kids that are being trafficked are boys and during Operation Cross Country in 2017, seventeen children were recovered in Colorado and ten of them were boys. Since most organizations in the US only have resources designed for female victims, there is a LARGE gap in resources specifically designed for the unique needs of male victims. This disconnect has created a lack of direct services within our community. 

BridgeHope is the first organization in Colorado to provide resources and a mentorship program that are specific to the needs of male survivors. We believe the culture can be changed, one boy at a time.


Trafficking of Boys