Hope is Real!

BridgeHope exists to bring awareness to the realities of exploitation, combat vulnerability with technology, and facilitate an environment where survivors of exploitation can thrive.

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Specializing in helping individuals and organizations understand the impact of trafficking and the unique elements complex trauma brings in recovery, BridgeHope educates both government and non-government organizations on what exploitation is and tangible ways to respond. Different options include keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions, lectures, and organization consulting sessions. 

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For a person who has been trafficked, the time it takes to get needed resources creates an opportunity for vulnerabilities to be re-exploited. BridgeHope saw this gap and asked the question, "If technology is being used in the process of recruiting and selling victims, why can't we use it to collaborate resources for individuals who have survived this crime?" Here BridgeNow, a smartphone APP which is currently being developed to bridge resources to survivors of crime, was birthed. 

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Looking at the ways co-founder of BridgeHope, Jessa Dillow Crisp, was able to move from being a victim of trafficking into a place of thriving, BridgeHope created both the GiveHope holiday program for survivors around the US and the Ascent Mentorship Program for male survivors of human trafficking in Colorado. In addition, we collaborate with communities worldwide, through providing them support and mentorship as they work with survivors of exploitation. Learn more...