GiveHope started in 2011, when Jessa Dillow Crisp saw other survivors of human trafficking in her area go through the holiday season alone and forgotten by society. In an effort to fill the emptiness she felt in her own heart, Jessa got holiday gifts for three local survivors and found that her own spirits lifted. The next year she gave holiday packages to six survivors of trafficking and the year after that she gave to twelve, which lead up to 2018 when 153 holiday packages were given to survivors of human trafficking in Colorado and around the US.

Since the holidays are difficult for many survivors, individuals who receive our GiveHope packages have made comments about the impact that these gifts have on their lives. "Thank you for the kind and wonderful gift! I appreciate you so much for including me in this. I don't have anyone so this will likely be one of the only gifts I get - which is fine, I don't need much. I just wish I wasn't so alone- I'm really trying. I was having a really hard day today - so many things so I am thankful for this. I am deeply thankful for you remembering me - I can feel so invisible sometimes. Thank you again.”

Everyone deserves to know that they are loved!