Get involved...

twelve things you can do to help victims of exploitation

  1. Offer your professional skill to BridgeHope (e.g., dental care for victims, counseling, graphic design, physical therapist, etc.)
  2. Often survivors feel invisible during birthdays and holidays. Remember these special days by hosting a party with your friends to raise money and donations for the survivors we work with. Post your party on social media and the hashtag #hopeparties and our case managers will use this hashtag to show survivors pictures of people who care.
  3. Start an anti-trafficking group or awareness campaign in your workplace, church, or school
  4. Invite vetted organizations like BridgeHope, as well as survivor leaders to speak at your next event and educate your community
  5. Get connected with your local Task Force
  6. Enter into a life-changing mentor relationship with a survivor through our Ascent Mentorship Program (requires a background check, training, and commitment)
  7. Climb mountains and raise awareness surrounding exploitation
  8. Share @bridgehopenow social media posts with your friends
  9. Make homemade meals and deliver them to survivors so they can know someone cares (requires background check and training)
  10. Write letters of encouragement to survivors
  11. Be on BridgeHope's crisis response team (background check and training required)
  12. Donate to vetted organizations like BridgeHope
Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.
— Mother Teresa