Just as technology is being used in the sale of human beings, we believe that it can be used to collaborate resources to survivors of exploitation. Sadly, as a direct service provider, we have found that currently within the anti-trafficking movement, it can take hours to a few weeks to get the resources a survivor of trafficking needs. Through this process, we have found that the delay in getting needed resources ends up creating a critical timeframe where a victim is vulnerable to potential re-exploitation.

BridgeNow is BridgeHope's smartphone APP that is currently being developed to bridge resources to survivors of exploitation in real time. Like Uber for resources, victims advocates and case managers can do a HIPPA compliant needs assessment right in the BridgeNow APP and it will put out push notifications to vetted organizations that can fulfill those needs. Through providing resources to survivors faster, critical collaboration is created, which then fosters hope in survivors of exploitation.

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