BridgeHope exists to bring awareness to the realities of exploitation, combat vulnerability with technology, and facilitate an environment where survivors of exploitation can thrive.


bridging resources,

fostering HOPE

to survivors of exploitation and trafficking


what we do



Specializing in helping individuals and organizations understand the impact of trafficking and the unique elements complex trauma brings in recovery, BridgeHope educates both government and non-government organizations on exploitation and tangible ways to respond.


Most resources are provided to survivors through word-of-mouth. Unfortunately, for a person who has been trafficked, the time it takes to get these resources creates an opportunity for their vulnerabilities to be re-exploited. BridgeHope is using technology to bridge these gaps.


Helping survivors move from victimization to survivorship then to thriving is so important. As part of this process, BridgeHope created both the GiveHope holiday program for survivors around the US and the Ascent Mentorship Program for male survivors of human trafficking in Colorado. 


  creating collaboration

Just as a bridge builds a path of transportation across chasms of varying sizes and shapes, BridgeHope believes that collaboration in the anti-trafficking movement is not only needed, but is necessary to bridge resources and direct services to victims of exploitation. 



Several years ago, John and Jessa Crisp, the co-founders of BridgeHope had a male survivor come up to them and ask if they knew of any resources within Colorado for boys who have survived exploitation. Finding no resources specifically for boys, they began to ask themselves what they could do to bring awareness and create direct services to meet the specific needs of this vulnerable population. In response, BridgeHope designed the Ascent Mentorship Program for male survivors of exploitation.


education promotes change

It is hard to know how to create the best protocol response, trauma-informed care, and survivor-informed care if you have never received training around these areas. We believe though that education promotes change and helps you become more effective in your work with victims of trafficking. Let us know your training needs. We would be honored to help equip you, your departments, and teams through personalized trainings.